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Martelli Round-About Turntable 3 Piece Set (Pre-order: Sep 2024)

Martelli Round-About Turntable 3 Piece Set (Pre-order: Sep 2024)

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Tired of always having to move your fabric around? Want to speed things up and make things a lot easier? The Martelli Round-About is just for you. The set comes with a base, iron top, and cutting mat. It features 20 ball bearings for smooth rotation, and a wonderful no-slip surface. 

Don't be fooled by the knock-offs. The original Martelli features high quality construction and advanced bearings for a smooth rotating experience.

  • Half Square Triangles? Instead of mark then move, mark then move, you mark one, turn the table, mark another. Voila!
  • Trimming? Simply trim, turn table, trim and repeat. So easy!
  • Need a new mat? Replacement mats are available here.

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