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Our Story

My name is Alicia, and I run Dinkydoo Fabrics with the help of my husband and kids!

Our shop started as online only, but since then we opened up our own little quilt shop in Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada! (Just outside Vancouver)

I also do pop-up shops, quilt shows and open our shop early for special events like guild retreats. (Contact me if you would like to have Dinkydoo at your next event!)


Aside from running the  store, I'm an avid quilter who loves quilting as much as free time (and the children) allow. 

I'm the current President of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild. I love doing my part to help the VMQG, all the lovely sew ins, events and retreats!

Dinkydoo is also a Platinum Sponsor of the Modern Quilt Guild, and we love to help out other Quilt Guilds across Canada!

What's a Dinkydoo?  We always come up with goofy nicknames for our kids and pets. When our son was born, we started calling him Dinkydoo - it just fit.

It's a silly name, but we love it! So we decided to use that for our store and make it just as memorable.

It's fun meeting people who've heard of us and hear them say "Dinkydoooooo!" (Everyone always extends the O sound) If we make people smile, we're OK with that!

Like many of you, I love being crafty, and I have a special place in my heart for quilting.

Where did it start?

Growing up, Mom made my Sister and I the most beautiful Christmas dresses and the coolest Halloween costumes. Some were great, but some were so darn itchy on the seams from the gold lamé fabric.

We didn’t complain. We looked fabulous!

I always wanted to try quilting, but it wasn't until after meeting my husband (and the initial let’s go out all the time phase wore off) that I pulled out all my unfinished crafts from storage.

I REALLY wanted to quilt but I had no idea where to begin!

Not long after, the little ones came.. 

.. and our lives changed instantly! (The goobers mean the world to us.)

After getting used to a more hectic pace with the little ones (and many, many sleepless nights), I was able to scrounge some time to do some serious sewing. 

Usually late at night, and many times well into the morning.

Most of the stuff I was making was for the kids. After a while I said.. no more,  I’m making something for me! 

I found a quilt pattern, picked my fabrics and got started. It was a very simple stitch-in-the-ditch quilt with a terrible machine sewn binding. But boy did I learn a lot that day!

It took me a few more quilts to feel comfortable with piecing everything together, cutting smarter to save time, and then moving on to free motion quilting!

I had found the crafty thing I loved the most. I was having so much fun!



I started off my quilting adventure by going to the big fabric stores, like most of you.

I'd find good deals now and then, but most of the fabric wasn't my style. A lot of it was cheap feeling, and seemed heavily marked up to make the “discounts” look better.

The sales people usually weren't much help, and it was more of a get in and get out kind of thing.

Local Quilt Shops to the rescue! I started visiting LQS in my neighboring cities that specialized in higher quality fabric from Moda, Cotton + Steel, Riley Blake, Andover and Robert Kaufman. I was hooked!

I leaned towards modern and contemporary printsbecause they were fresh, exciting and full of great white space. Each LQS had their own unique style with the fabric they carried.

Then things got a little tricky.

In Canada, good quilt shops are hard to find, or far away. Add a couple cranky kids to the mix, and a 1-2 hour round trip to get fabric can be ri-dicu-lous if you don't have a babysitter. Plus, you get grumpy looks when the kids are playing hide-and-seek in between the bolts of fabric! (Sorry gals, I try to keep them off!)

I found some great online quilt shops in Canada, but the selection was limited, so I had to order from U.S. shops as well.

With our poor exchange rate, customs delays and high shipping costs, even if I found something I liked, it ended up being too expensive, or took way too long to get to Canada.

I figured if I was just starting out and feeling this way, there were probably others in Canada as well who had the same problem.

My husband and I took a chance and opened Dinkydoo as an online only store in June of 2015. We fell in love with selling fabric and both agreed that it was way, way too much fun sending “happy packages” in the mail to everyone.

Since then, we’ve made a lot of quilting friends and got to know a bunch of people in the industry. Everyone kept saying the same thing – “So, when are YOU opening up a LQS?”

We got the hint, converted our garage into a shop in October 2016, and now have our own little place where we can serve all our local quilting friends and the quilting community.

What makes us different?

We love talking to you, whether it’s to help you plan for your next project, match colours, or even request something we don’t carry!

We go way beyond 9-5, and bring the “LQS” vibe back into online shopping. We feel it’s very important in this day age to connect on a real level to each one of our customers.

We love “talking shop” with you on our website, Instagram, Facebook, at shows, in store, and on the phone. (Yes, we still enjoy good old fashioned phone calls!)

Thanks for listening to our little story, and we look forward to serving you :)

We are proud sponsors of the quilters below!