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Golden Threads Quilting Paper 18" x 20 yd.

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Golden Threads Quilting Paper 18" x 20 yd.

  • Trace quilting patterns onto paper using this product!
  • For use with a wash-away marker pen.
  • Layer up to 15 pieces of paper with traced copy on top and pin corners to secure.
  • Stitch (needle punch) on machine through the stack with a large, unthreaded needle.
  • Pin paper patterns to project with bumpy side up and quilt following the design.
  • To remove paper after quilting, gently tug fabric on the bias. Paper will break away from stitching, making it easy to tear away.
  • Marking option: Rub the pattern onto the fabric with a chalk-filled pounce pad for quick and easy marking. Position needle punched stencils on project and gently rub pounce pad over holes. Design will transfer to fabric.