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Glide Thread "Spring Showers" 12 Mini-Spools with BONUS Case

Glide Thread "Spring Showers" 12 Mini-Spools with BONUS Case

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Go with the best! Our Glide Spring Showers contains 12 1000m Mini Spools of our best selling Glide Polyester Threads!

*BONUS* Get your thread sent in a FREE Custom Thread Case to hold all your new Glide Mini-Spools! (Value: $15)

Contains 12 Glide 1,100yd spools:

Shadow No. 1BLK3
Linen No. 10WG1
Cashmere No. 17527
Dijon No. 21245
Camel No. 24665
Peach No. 50473
Pale Mist No. 60556
Tidewater No. 65483|
Sage No. 67748
Fil-Tec No. 70200
Taffy No. 71775
Buttercup No. 80134


  • Mini-Spool. (1000m/1094yd)
  • 40 weight.
  • Perfect for machine quilting, longarm quilting or machine embroidery.
  • Need more? See our Glide King Spools (5000m/5500yd)
  • Trying to match colors? Pick up a Glide Thread Color Card today!

Why choose Glide?

Superior Sheen

  • Glide has special technology that captures beautiful luster within the fibers of a colorfast polyester. It's absolutely gorgeous.


  • Maintains consistent tension throughout each and every spool. That means you will have high quality stitch formations, less thread breaks, and fewer machine stops.


  • Superior coverage for all your sewing applications. Uniform & complete coverage (fill) provides a unique look. The thread appears to melt into the fabric.


  • Customers rely on the superior strength of Glide in fast-paced production environments. Stronger thread translates into fewer thread breaks & less machine downtime.

Lint Free

  • Glide runs virtually lint-free through your machine’s needle & tensioners

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