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Aurifil Thread in Canada

We have the best selection of Aurifil thread online in Canada! Missing your favourites colours? Email us we'll order it in for you!

Aurifil is a premium Italian cotton thread crafted with 100% Egyptian cotton. It is double mercerized which gives it a beautiful shine, and is the number one choice of thread for quilters.

Are you machine sewing?

  • Machine Quilting. Excellent for detailed machine quilting involving lots of back tracking (like feathers). Creates beautiful texture when you don't want to see the lines. A great fit for Sharp/Microtex, quilting and denim needles 80/12.
  • Machine Piecing. You will have a nice flat seam every time!
  • Longarm Quilting. Excellent for showing texture where you don't want the thread to be the main focus.
  • Machine Embroidery. Use 50wt in the bobbin (or you can use your regular bobbin thread, just tighten the top tension a bit). Use a Microtex 80/12 needle.
  • Machine Appliqué. Great for showing off your fabric, as the weight disappears. Straight stitch, zig zag, bind hemming stitch and blanket stitch.

Are you hand sewing?

  •  Aurifil 50wt is a perfect fit for Hand Appliqué, Hand Piecing and Lace.