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Value Finder - EZ International

Value Finder - EZ International

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Value Finder


The value of the fabrics when placed next to each other in a quilt can make or break the overall look of your quilt.  When viewing fabrics through the tools, you will see only shades of light, medium or dark grey - so you will get the true value of each fabric.  The red tool does not work on red fabrics, so you will use the green tool.  The green tool does not work on green, so you will use the red tool.  Overlap both tools if you have a fabric that is multi-colored and you don't feel you are getting a true value picture.  Place fabrics for your quilt next to each other and view through the Value Finder. 

You will have an instant picture of contrast of value and will see how the fabrics work together in harmony.  These Value Finders will take your quilts from boring to fabulous.



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