Collection: Blue Ridge Batiks by Moda

Blue Ridge Batiks from Moda takes inspiration from the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in eastern United States. Explore the colours of nature from gorgeous light and dark blues, to light tan and rust, with intricate patterns of leaves, flowers, stone textures, and more. Make your next quilt or project stand out from the crowd!

Where are the Blue Ridge Mountains? This magnificent natural beauty extends from southern Pennslyvania down to Georgia, encompassing an impressive 550 miles of rocky terrain.

This collection features fabric yardage, and pre-cut fabric options such as Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls, Fat Quarter Bundles, and Charm Packs.

Moda batiks are made in Indonesia. The unique patterns found on batiks are created using a special type of wax to protect parts of the fabric so they don't absorb the dye, which results in a very special marbled and textured appearance!