Fast, Easy and Fun Modern Quilt Tutorials - Dinkydoodles!

Fast, Easy and Fun Modern Quilt Tutorials - Dinkydoodles!

Happy Friday!

Anything fun planned this weekend? Tackling some UFO's? Maybe we can provide a little inspiration and something new? :)

Easy Fun Modern Quilt Block Tutorials

Quick, Easy and Fun Modern Quilting Tutorials

We decided to check out this Youtube thing that everyone's talking about, and made a couple tutorials you might like.

Introducing.... Dinkydoodles! Bite-sized quilting fun!

We hope to have one new mini-tutorial for you each week if all goes well. It was a bit scary wrestling with cameras, lights and software, but we made a couple videos pop out.. somehow.

Can we ask you a favour?

If you could like and subscribe to us on Youtube (and share with a friend!) that would mean a great deal to us. If you have any feedback too please let us know in the comments below. 

Here they are - enjoy!

 The X's or O's block is a fun one to make, and it's super easy to reverse the squares around to make whatever you fancy, or both!

The Scrappy Wonky Star is a favourite of mine, and your imagination (and colour palette) is the limit when picking out colours and fabrics for your star.

Expect more good things to come as we experiment a bit with this video stuff.

As always, our focus at Dinkydoo Fabrics is modern and contemporary fabric and techniques, so if you love a bit of the modern, you'll definitely want to subscribe and follow our new channel!

(You can also see the same videos on our site under the Quilting Tutorials section right on our main page!)

Happy Sewing! ~Alicia

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