Modern Quilting Tutorials

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How to make a Scrappy Zig Zag Block

  • Easy on the budget - a​​​​​ great use for all your scraps!
  • Create something very modern & colourful depending on what you have in your stash!
  • Used in this video: Cotton + Steel Basics and   Macrame

Who loves zig zags? Who has a lot of fabric scraps in their stash? Oh, you do? Then this tutorial is just for you! 

Be sure to pull out some of your brightest and most interesting prints from your stash. It's ok, you can go a little wild on this one! :)

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How to make a Modern Mosaic Block

  • Easy on the budget. Use your spare fabric scraps!
  • Fun geometry makes for a super interesting quilt.

Here's a great tutorial on how to make a mosaic block for your next quilt! These blocks are a lot of fun - I really love their geometry.

As a side bonus, all that spare fabric you have can be put to good use! These quilting blocks make great use of all the fabric scraps in your stash. Now's a great time to clean up your fabric room and find some stuff for this project!

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How to make a Disappearing 9 Patch Block

The Disappearing 9 Patch quilt is a fun one to make. You don't have to be intimidated at all if you give this project a go!

How to make a Scrappy Wonky Star

  • Easy on the budget. Use your spare fabric scraps!
  • Beginner friendly.

This quilting tutorial for Scrappy Wonky Stars is EASY, fun and beginner friendly! Also, you get to use a lot of scraps in your fabric stash, so that's a big plus!

Wonky stars are a favourite of mine, and by experimenting with different colours in your stash, you can get some very pretty and dramatic results.

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How to make an X's or O's Block

Which one will you choose? X? O? They both look great on a finished quilt! This one is fun and easy to do for all skill levels.

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How to make a Polaroid Block

  • Beginner friendly.
  • Uses novelty prints.

Here's a fun and modern quilting tutorial for you that will leave you smiling. Learn how to make a Polaroid quilt block!

The Polaroid block is another take on a popular quilt block, the "I Spy" quilt, which is great for kids. (It's fun to hunt and find the different, quirky prints.)

These blocks were super fun to make. One of the best things about making these blocks is getting really creative with the novelty prints you use. I recommend going on a fabric shop treasure hunt to find some really obscure and goofy fabric for the "pictures".

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How to Make a Chevron Block

  • Made with HST (Half Square Triangles)

Here's a fun block to make, using the classic chevron designs. You can have a lot of fun experimenting with the colours to make your chevrons really "pop".

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C+S Penny Arcade Charm Pack 
C+S Sprinkle Kimberly Blue 
Riley Blake Swiss Dots 
Bloc Loc Ruler 

Click here to see how easy it is to use a Bloc Loc HST ruler. (It makes making HST so much easier.)

How to Make a Log Cabin Block

  • Versatile, you can lay out your patterns in multiple ways

This one can go as far as your imagination takes you. Try different patterns and have fun placing the blocks however you desire!

We used a Vintage Picnic Jelly Roll and a Bella Solids White Jelly Roll to make these blocks.