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Slimline 3 Premium LED Lamp (51" Height) - Daylight Company

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Thoughtfully designed and easy to use, the new Slimline 3 LED Floor Lamp is the next generation of premium lighting. The high power dimmable 6,000 K daylight LEDs will illuminate your workstation station 50% brighter than its predecessor, while the new diffuser allows for an even light without casting shadows or glare.

The Slimline 3 Floor lamp is an investment in the health of your eyes, your artistry and the growth of your business. With a slim structure and upscale design, Gemini is also lightweight yet stable, flexible yet holds any position, and comes with 4 levels of brightness. 


  • Aluminum shade with full-length diffuser
  • Better spread of light and diffusion
  • 4 brightness levels
  • Flexible joints for perfect positioning
  • 2 years guarantee


  • Height: 130cm (51”)
  • Width: 74cm (29”)
  • Depth: 25cm (10”)
  • Weight: 3.3kg (7.4lb)
  • Color: Brushed steel
  • Cable length: 2.4m (94.5”)
  • Packed weight: 4.3kg (9.5lb)

      Please note: This is a special order item that will ship in an estimated 4-6 weeks.