You'll want these Burly Beavers on your next camping quilt!

You'll want these Burly Beavers on your next camping quilt!

Meet Burly Beavers from Robert Kaufman. Look at them. I mean, just look at them.

burly beavers fabric

burly beavers fabric

burly beavers fabric


The beaver is Canada's national animal. If it wasn't for the beaver and the fur trade that started in the 16th century, Canada wouldn't have been a thing!

Burly Beavers has a pretty heavy Canuck vibe to it. It's perfect for making a rugged and manly quilt for someone who isn't down with all those floral patterns.

It would make quite an awesome camping quilt to show off around the camp fire. For an extra snuggly effect, be sure to use some super-soft Fireside backing fabric.

One of our customers made some very awesome pyjamas (and hat) for her grand-son. There's just too much awesome going on in this photo. You can almost smell the maple syrup just by looking at this picture. (She used the Burly Beavers in super-soft flannel)

burly beavers pyjamas

Burly Beavers also works great paired up with the With Glowing Hearts collection, to celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday this year. We have quite a few customers who've used the 150th fabric with it, and it works very well!

We have the whole collection up for pre-order today, it is due to arrive in late  February or early March.

burly beaver fabric thermos

Have you ever seen a better collection featuring Thermoses? I didn't think so!

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