Clover, Fruit Dots, Cat Lady, Macrame & Penny Arcade! New Cotton & Steel Pre-Cuts.

Clover, Fruit Dots, Cat Lady, Macrame & Penny Arcade! New Cotton & Steel Pre-Cuts.

What a treat! The lastest Cotton + Steel collections have arrived in our shop, and we are pretty happy having these collections in our hands.

cotton and steel fruit dots cat lady macrame penny arcade clover

Collection: Macrame
Designer: Rashida Coleman-Hale
Highlights: Lovely patterns, potted plants & cute owls!

cotton steel macrame rashida coleman hale

Collection: Clover
Designer: Alexia Marcelle Abegg
Highlights: Great selection of colours, unique tile patterns, and cute little lambs!

cotton and steel clover alexia marcelle abegg


Collection: Cat Lady (Our favourite!)
Designer: Sarah Watts
Highlights: Ridiculously cute cats, and some very fancy gloves!

cotton and steel cat lady sarah watts

Collection: Fruit Dots
Designer: Melody Miller
Highlights: Gorgeous shades of pink, dazzling gum wrappers & happy fruit!

cotton and steel fruit dots melody miller

Collection: Penny Arcade
Designer: Kim Kight
Highlights: Popcorn, tokens, elephants and a groovy city backdrop!

cotton and steel penny arcade kim kight


Unfortunately, Bluebird was absent for our little "photo shoot" as it will be ready in the next week. It's just as gorgeous as the rest. You can visit this link to see Bluebird a bit closer! 

What's your favourite? We're biased for Cat Lady, but we're secretly hoping the talented ladies at Cotton + Steel put out a collection with some Boxer dogs as inspiration at some point. (Hey, it could work!)

Here's a picture they can use for inspiration (It's our beloved boxer, Izzy!)


izzy the boxer

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