Cotton + Steel Basics - Great for your Stash!

Cotton + Steel Basics - Great for your Stash!

Do you have any Cotton + Steel Basics in your stash? They are a must have staple for any modern quilter's fabric collection. We are happy to have brought in a bunch of new C+S Basics for you, as we work on expanding our selection of bolts going into 2016!

cotton steel basics yardage

Take a look at some of the new bolts we have in stock for you today, and be sure to check over the next few months for a whole lot more! ~Alicia

cotton and steel basics alexia turquoise 5023-07cotton steel basics bluebird 5002-03cotton steel basics jam jar 5000-03cotton steel basics kimberly blue 5023-05cotton steel basics teal 5000-07cotton steel basics toy boat 5000-04cotton steel basics xoxo sea monster 5001-15




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