Don't you just love what you can get done at Quilt Guild retreats? HST Time!

Don't you just love what you can get done at Quilt Guild retreats? HST Time!

In an previous blog post, I talked about my attempt to make quilts for six nieces and a nephew in time for Christmas. While I didn't succeed at my lofty goal, I did make two of the seven planned quilts, and I'm happy how they turned out!


dinkydoo nephew quilt

Pictured is one I made for my Nephew, using two Cotton + Steel Mesa Charm Packs and around a yard and a half of Moda Bella Solids Off White. Nevermind the little goof in the background, that's the little "Dinkydoo".

I swore up and down that I wasn’t going to make another Half Square Triangle quilt for a long time. But really, you can’t help it! They are so gorgeous and you can do soooooo many things with them! 

Back in October, I went to my first ever Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild retreat and brought my sewn together HST’s. I finished squaring them up (Yay square it up ruler!) and ironed them all.

Not having my little children wake me up in the middle of the night, I had all the uninterrupted time I needed to really get busy! I started laying out my design at 11:45pm on that Saturday evening.

hst quilt dinkydoo

I had a great, big floor space that I could try different designs with. I knew that I wanted to do the offset diamond but I started with a random colour pattern, which I didn’t like. I felt the geometric pattern was lost, and it was too busy in the eyes.

I changed it up a bit.  

I separated the HST’s into general colour stories and went to town! I really like the end result and it magically worked out that I had just enough pieces for each band of colour. Score!

Unfortunately the weekend ended and I had to go home to real life. (I really do love my kids, but the little moments you can get away are so nice too!)

I decided on a quilting pattern that echoed the HST’s and I think it accentuated the feel of the design and the fabric collection. I was super happy with it. Even the binding made me happy! Anything green will do that; it’s not too hard to please me sometimes. ~Alicia

dinkydoo quilting


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