Why were brown and orange so popular in the 70s?

Why were brown and orange so popular in the 70s?

Do you remember the 70's? All those lovely oranges, browns, golds and avocado greens? Everything from furnishings, appliances, fabric, fashion - you name it, there was a definite style at work!

I found an interesting post on Reddit that goes into a great theory behind the Autumn pallette that was everywhere. 

why were brown and orange so popular in the 70s

This is a great line from the article as well; I never thought to realize in shows like Mad Men there would be a lot of older stuff in everyday use! It's definitely food for thought the next time you watch your next 'period piece.

"..even Mad Men, though certainly very well researched, is visually a little overbearing in its representation of the period; after all, not everything in the Sixties was of the Sixties; some of it hailed from the Fifties and Forties, even the Thirties.."

 And one day we will laugh and reflect about all the stainless steel appliances from the 2000's. But that's a whole other theory I'm sure! 

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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