New Moda Fabric! Flow, Bread n Butter & Volume II

New Moda Fabric! Flow, Bread n Butter & Volume II

Moda Flow, Volume II & Bread n' Butter!

Hello Moda lovers! Our latest Moda shipment has arrived and the boxes were packed with all sorts of goodies. As we eagerly (but carefully) opened our shipment the super bright & yellow Bread n Butter eagerly grabbed our attention. See our impressions of Volume II by Sweetwater, Bread n' Butter by American Jane, and Flow by Zen Chic below! 

Bread n' Butter by American Jane

bread n butter precuts american janeYou can head back to a simpler time with this delicious 30's fabric that is bright & full of tasty goodness. 

American Jane's Bread n' Butter is bold & beautiful with its collection of florals, dots and grids. 

While the warmer reds, oranges and pinks are a bit more dominant, there's also some very lovely shades of green and blue.

If you're getting some images in your head of Lucille Ball or June Cleaver wearing a vintage apron, you're definitely on the right track!

See our Bread n Butter collection here, in stock today!


Volume II by Sweetwater

volume ii fabric sweetwater

Next up is Volume II by the lovely ladies at Sweetwater. It's a recreation of their earlier, very popular collection "Mama Said Sew" and it has a dear place in their heart.

In true Sweetwater style, you'll not find a more lovely combination of reds, greys, blacks and creams! They are very proud of the way they were able to mimic embroidery on some of the flowers.

We think it's a super cool touch seeing all those great independent quilt shops in the text print. It's such a great shout out to all the small, independent quilt stores!

See our Volume II precuts in stock today.





  Flow by Zen Chic

flow zen chic fabric collection"Time falls away. You’re tired but you don’t notice, you’re completely involved in an activity and your whole being is involved. You feel free, centered and full of creativity. You’re “in the flow” Building on the colors and feel of For You, Flow is a modern, graphic, urban mix of geometrics and floral prints that suggest water plants, waves and drops. The prints are also flowing." - Moda (United Notions)

Flow by Zen Chic is our personal favourite (but we're crazy about anything Zen Chic, so we're biased!). It's an explosion of colourful goodness for the eyes, with very unique patterns and designs

See our selection of Flow Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes today.  

Want some more Zen Chic'y awesomeness? Here you go! 

Have a great Friday everyone, happy quilting and I hope you enjoyed looking at some pretty new fabric today! ~Alicia

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