Mini Quilts = So. Much. Fun!

Mini Quilts = So. Much. Fun!

Oh my, the end of summer really is so busy.  You try and fit all the things you wanted to do with the family all in at the last minute.  And trying to find time to really do anything crafty was almost impossible!  BUT!!! I did.  I was able to get out of the house on a Friday night and go to my quilt guilds sew-in.  It was my first and so much fun!  It was really great to sit with people who share the same interests (ahem...obsessions...) and finish projects or start some fresh ones which was in my case. Our quilt guild had accepted an invitation to be the featured artist(s) at the Vancouver Quilters’ Guild show and our challenge was to create a mini quilt which would illustrate one or a few of the characteristics of Modern Quilting (as per the Modern Quilt guilds definition here).  So I bought my solids, had an idea and prettttty much scrapped it after about 10 mins.  I then set to work at just cutting and sewing and see what would come together.


THIS I was starting to like!!!  Oooooh the delicious colours... I took it home and continued to blend the colours together.  With the piece being small, the bulk behind the quilt top made it hard to do any free motion quilting, for me anyways.  So I ditched the free motion foot and pulled out my trusty walking foot and ended up with this beauty.

 I am so in love with this.  I used a lot of the Genziana Cotton 50WT thread I picked up to test out.  They are just the most gorgeous colours.  


Now all I need to do is bind this baby and she's ready to go!!!  It's always a bit challenging to NOT do a pattern, the desire to make all your points meet or get your seams straight.  This project was really freeing for me in that respect as I am a typical anal perfectionist Virgo.  At the end of my quilting I was literally smiling, looking like a crazy person, nearly giggling to myself as I sat alone in my craft room watching Conan from June (so behind on any TV). I hope everyone can have a little time to just let it go...LET IT GO!!!!  (oh will never leave me alone....) ~ Alicia

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