Strawberry Fields Revisited! New Moda Fabric by Fig Tree and Co.

Strawberry Fields Revisited! New Moda Fabric by Fig Tree and Co.

Strawberry Fields Revisited!



Do you love crafting with Strawberries? Due to popular demand, Moda is re-releasing the super popular and berry-licious Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree Quilts! If you missed out the first time, now's your chance to get hold of a true treasure. It's so pretty it might be hard cutting into it, but it will look even better in your next quilt instead of teasing you from your stash! As always, Dinkydoo receives new Moda shipments a few months in advance, so look for this one releasing late September or shortly after.

The designers at Fig Tree and Co. couldn't have explained it better:

"Probably more than any other collection I have ever designed, it is Strawberry Fields that seems to hold a special place in many peoples' hearts. There is something perfectly summer, perfectly country and perfectly retro about it. So much so that we thought it was time to give you a bit more to love and play with! This collection incorporates several favorite prints from the original and updates the collection with a few new vintage flavored additions. Based on the popular retro palette of light ivory, tomato red, soft aqua, grass green, butter yellow, and warm grey with accents of coral and pink, this new collection adds in a pop of charcoal to make the entire palette truly shine! Strawberry Fields Revisited is sure to win our hearts and inspire our hands and sewing machines this year. Welcome to summer!"

Looking for ideas and inspiration? Here's a great collection of patterns from Fig Tree Quilts that use Strawberry Fields. Some of them are very pretty. I really like the Mini-Twirl pattern myself!

Pre-orders are open now for the collection - Fat Quarter Bundles, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charm Packs. See the collection a bit closer and check out all the individual fabric by clicking the picture above. Be sure to check out our collection of Bella Solids to find the perfect match to compliment the pretty colours in Strawberry Fields.

We weren't able to make a big order due to the demand, so unfortunately what we have in stock is all we might receive this time around. Who knows though, maybe like a good movie sequel, it will be just as popular this time and we'll see Strawberry Fields - Part Three! ~Alicia

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