Here's $5 to spend on Fabric today. Check out what's on sale. Happy Friday!

Here's $5 to spend on Fabric today. Check out what's on sale. Happy Friday!


Here's $5, check out our fabric sales today! Happy Friday!

What a wonderful way to wrap up what is typically a hectic week in September. The kids are back in school and getting used to their new schedules, and a lot of moms are rejoicing with all the extra free time (well, that is, until all the activities, sports, birthday parties and parent teacher meetings kick in!)

In Vancouver, the weather is still warm and dearly clinging on as long as it can before the first day of Fall kicks in. We're very happy it started raining again recently (Yes, the city that has complained about rain forever is now complaining about no rain. We're a crazy bunch.) We hope everyone gets some time this weekend to kick back and really dig into those projects you've had on the back-burner. I have a few quilts on the go, and I've already claimed this weekend in advance with my husband - I'm doing some hardcore quilting!!

I hope you enjoy the five bucks off your order, and wish that your weekend will be wonderful. We are excited to announce a few more new collections we'll be bringing in shortly, so stay tuned! ~Alicia (P.S. if the image doesn't show up, the $5 off code is ITSFRIDAY and it's good until early Saturday morning for some of you who check your email a bit late) (P.P.S. sorry for the bad pun. It was hard to resist.) :)

Do you like Dinkydoo's $5 Fridays? Do you love or hate the bad puns? Let us know below!

Use your $5 and shop today!

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I ordered three different fabrics from DinkyDoo Fabrics and when they arrived I was so surprised to find that I loved them. The quality was outstanding and I will be ordered from them again soon.

Jackie Chipman

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