Butterfly Strands Block - Too Hot to Craft?

Butterfly Strands Block - Too Hot to Craft?


Oh the summer heat...I was waiting to get my craft room back after a long while (family was staying with us for an extended period of time) and had to resort to doing my crafting/quilting at the kitchen table.  UGH!!!  So gross! My bottom stuck to the chair and my sweat cascaded down the backs of my legs is NOT the way I like to do make a quilt. FINALLY I am back in my nice air-conditioned craft room and I can do some work! At the beginning of the summer (before it became unbearable) I had won my guild's block lotto and took home all these wonderfully colourful blocks!




 We used the Butterfly Strands block from Fresh Lemon's site.  The challenge was to make 2 blocks; one finished at 8.25" and the smaller one finished at 5.5".   For the bigger blocks, I used the same idea for placement as the Butterfly Strands block from the website. For the little ones, I added some sashing around units to make the finished block the same size as the bigger Butterfly Strand blocks.  After it was all put together I thought there was a bit too much solid white fabric throughout so I snowballed the corners on the smaller Butterfly Strand blocks which was neat because it made smaller "butterflies" going the other direction!!! I had a good amount of blocks that were made and entered into the draw by the guild and only had to make 5 big and 5 little blocks, so that made for a super easy and fast quilt!  

My daughter couldn't wait for it to be finished, she wanted to sleep with just the quilt top. AND!  It wasn't too hot this morning outside so we went out for a bit of a play and I asked my super helper to hold up and pose with the finished quilt!

Beautiful Princess Smile


Not so beautiful "Stinky Smile"

I had SOOO much fun making this quilt and would recommend it to anyone who has lots for scraps that they need to use up.  A great scrap buster for sure! - Alicia

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