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I Feel the Need for Speed!

I Feel the Need for Speed!

Do you use Internet Explorer?



Part of testing your new website means making sure it can run fine on everything.. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Android devices, iPads, iPhones, iWatches and even toasters! (Well maybe not our toaster, we aren't that fancy.) What may work well on some.. doesn't work so well on another. We were finding that Internet Explorer had some serious sloooowwwwnessss issues with our front page. We found the culprit, tweaked things a bit, so we hope that things are a lot more snappy for everyone. Make sure to leave a comment if you've found anything else annoying, and we'll make sure we fix it up! -Alicia

Woot! A bit quicker now.

Oh, Internet Explorer. You get no love. :(


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