What if I never saw those prints again?

What if I never saw those prints again?

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There is nothing better than seeing your finished project whether it is a quilt, pillow, pouch or mug rug. Having that satisfaction that the prints and colors you chose all come together like they were meant to be. But the process of picking and choosing fabrics can be daunting. Once I delved into the world of quilting and came across “Pre-cuts,” I first thought this would take away from the pleasure of quilting. That it would lessen the experience. That the true path to a quilt was to spend long hours scouring the fabric stores for fabrics to match, contrast and pull together an original work on my own.

I soon found out my sister was pregnant and right away I wanted to make a quilt for the little one so he/she could feel warm and protected. But my life was also hectic with 2 wee ones always in need. I didn’t have the time it required to roam the fabric aisles and figure out all the measurements of fabric I required. So, I bought a pre-cut, a layer cake called “Elementary” by Sweetwater. I don’t think I’ve been that eager to open a package since I was a kid! I loved thumbing through the fabrics, putting them in color piles, organizing and reorganizing them. And as much as I wanted to begin cutting into the cloth, I didn’t want to touch it!

What if I would never see these prints again?

I wanted to make so many things from it! But I had to stop myself, this was for my new niece (it was a girl!) and I had found a pattern I wanted to try, Lemon Squares by Fresh Lemons. It turned out great! I improv pieced the backing with the scraps I had left over. I even made myself a pair of slippers! I ended up loving the fabric line so much that I bought another Layer Cake, Charm Pack and a Jelly Roll for myself to make a quilt and comfy pillows for the living room. The fear and hesitation I felt for pre-cuts was gone the instant I touched the fabric. Having all the matching and perfectly contrasting fabric prints in a collection is a wonderful thing to be able to use. It took the stress out of something that should be light and fun! It gave me more time to create and imagine all the lovely things I can do - when I have the time :). ~Alicia

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