Calling all Quilters Who Love Gardening - Moda's Wing and Leaf Collection is Gorgeous!

Calling all Quilters Who Love Gardening - Moda's Wing and Leaf Collection is Gorgeous!

quilters who love gardening

Wing and Leaf - Fabric for Gardeners

Did you know that a huge percentage of quilters also love gardening?

I know for most of you who love both it won't be a surprise, but for those that don't know, it's a connection that's hard to ignore!

I enjoyed reading this article on how quilting and gardening are related in terms of creativity, colours, planning and patience. It goes over the top 5 ways she finds quilting and gardening are both aligned.

It's no wonder the two kinda go together (and given the amount of floral prints in fabric,no kidding!)

When we first started Dinkydoo, one of our distributors joked around saying if he ever wanted to start a business, one half would be a quilt shop and the other half a garden center. :)

Our featured precuts today are from Gina Martin's Wing and Leaf collection. It might just be for you if you love spending time with and feel at home in your garden.

wing and leaf fat quarter bundle precuts

"Building on my first collection, Wren & Friends, these prints celebrate all those that make a garden lively - butterflies flitting from flower to flower, birds chirping to each other in conversation, the loose feathers that are always found where birds nest and fanciful leaves in a variety of shapes and colors." - Gina Martin

Pre-orders are up today for early release in June (U.S. release is August). You can click the link for a closer look at the gorgeous fabric included in the collection.


wing and leaf quilt pattern


Above is a nice Layer Cake friendly pattern using Wing & Leaf. You can click here for more details.

So, all you gardeners out there, I have a question for you. Do you usually slow down on your quilting in the spring and focus on gardening? Or do you do both equally?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and see if your love for one blends over into the other! (As a gardener, do you gravitate towards more floral/leaf patterns?)

Reply in the comments and let us know! ~Alicia


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