Windham Mendocino - Best mermaids on fabric. Ever.

Windham Mendocino - Best mermaids on fabric. Ever.

stacey day mendocino quilt

The mermaids have arrived :)

We love Mendocino. You won't find a better collection of sea creatures featuring mermaids that are so beautifully transferred to cotton fabric.

Sorry Coral Queen of the Sea - we love you too, but Mendocino has a very unique charm and artistic design to it that we really dig.

The quilt above, Anemone, was designed by the super talented Stacey Day. You can check out her blog, Stacey in Stitches here!

It's gorgeous, huh? You can find her Anemone pattern at your favourite fabric shops.

windham mendocino by heather ross fat quarter bundle


Mendocino Fat Quarter Bundles are in stock now. We've already shipped them out to a few of you who were lucky enough to pre-order them. Woohoo!

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