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Riley Blake Offshore and Basics - You need a beach quilt!

Riley Blake Offshore and Basics - You need a beach quilt!

Riley Blake Offshore

Do you love the beach? After our cold and wet Canadian winters, nothing's better thanknowing Spring has sprung, and summer's that much closer! 

Imagine a fun day in the sun, jumping into a refreshing lake (or ocean!), and a few sandwiches on the beach, and you can almost picture the little ones nodding off on the drive home, snuggled up with a nice beach quilt.

Summer doesn't get any better of that. It's those magical little moments that we remember the most!

That's why Riley Blake's Offshore makes us smile so much. Each piece of fabric in the collection is a celebration of all things beach-y and aquatic.


riley blake offshore fabric precuts

Offshore is full of sail boats, palm trees, bicycles, surf boards, lobsters, with a sprinkle of some very nice plaid and dot designs.

And of course, the fabric collection features the ultimate surf and family mobile - the Woodie Wagon!

You may or may not be old enough to remember Woodie Wagons (or other wood paneled beauties from the past) but it's the crown jewel of Offshore's collection!

We found some great Riley Blake basics that go super good with Offshore as well. The gingham and dots are a great match. The fabric looks even better in person too!

Gorgeous, huh?

So whether you're wrapping your kids in a nice warm quilt on the way back from the beach, using your quilt for a great lunchtime snack on the sand, or are lucky enough to have it draped inside your beach house (we wish!!), it's the perfect time to get working on one :)

You can check out the Riley Blake basics by clicking here and the Offshore collection by clicking here.

You can get a FREE beach quilt pattern from Riley Blake here!

Come on summer, hurry up! Have a great one everyone, and keep those dreams of the beach alive :) ~Alicia


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